Success Story for Consumer Apliance

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Why collaborate with Cuelebre

  • For client, onboarding the data from different source systems, building and orchestrating data pipelines is one of key areas in Data Science platform which helps globally to predicting sales forecasts and revenue projections with the help of visualization tools like Qlik and Power BI to get better insights.
  • We provided dedicated team to develop and support both Qlik and Power BI dashboards and jobs in productions and tackling stakeholders’ requests.

Challenges/Hidden Anomalies

Client manufacturing the IOT related devices and they are conducting Events for

customer stratifications. They capturing the huge volume of Events data from the

devices to drive actionable insights across all the products.

Problems like:
  • Processing High volume of Data
  • Lack of Data Quality
  • Choosing the best visualization tool
  • Lack of data quality.
  • Required more manual time to refresh and export the data based on their business needs.
  • Performance issues to refresh the data.
  • Repeating data quality concerns from stakeholders which was affecting the business

Domain Handling Walkthrough

  • Cuelebre suggested to use Databricks and Qlik sense, to processing the huge
    volume data with the help of Spark framework to improve the transformation time and reduce the processing cost. We suggested to use Qlik sense visualization tools to develop the Cohort Analysis report to track the Events data with high quality and fast performance.
  • The solution we proposed it saved 30-40% of operational cost.

Optimized Solutions/Results/Client Satisfaction

  • High assurance of data Quality.
  • Reduced the manual intervention time from 15h per week to 2h per week
    which saved huge manual effort and increased productivity on other areas.