Time Travel in Delta Table

New use cases for Time travel in Delta Table

Time Travel in Delta Table

Importance of time travel

In Big Data, we are processing or dealing with a massive amount of data and storing it in the database. In case the data is updated, deleted, or overwritten accidentally, how we can restore the historical catchup in the data lake? How does history help to go back in time to roll back? How can we audit the changes? How can we retrieve data from a previous version or how can we go back to the desired time stamp? For this we will have an excellent feature in Databricks delta lake, that is time travel plays a vital role in big data. With this key feature, we can retrieve the historical version of data stored in the data lake. This results in maintaining the consistency of data in the data lake.

In this Ebook you will get the following things:
  1. Time Travel Approaches
  2. History of Delta Table
  3. Time Travel using the Version number
  4. Time Travel using Timestamp
  5. SQL command for time travel using the timestamp
  6. SQL command to restore the table to the specific version
  7. Table after restoring to the version
  8. Advantages

and much more

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